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Land    Dayak    Longhouse

The Bidayuh number approximately 150,000 and form about 8% of Sarawak's population. They migrated from West Kalimantan much earlier than the Iban, but continuous warring with their more numerous and warlike neighbours left them confined to the 1st Division around Kuching. The Bidayuh were also known as Land Dayaks, as they chose to build their settlements in the foothills of the mountain ranges for protection from enemies. Also former headhunters, they would keep their skull trophies in a separate headhouse house, or baruk. Like the Iban, they are predominantly hill rice farmers, and they also grow cash crops such as pepper, cocoa and rubber, as well as fruit and vegetables for Kuching's markets.

The vast majority of Bidayuh are Christian, but some traditional rituals are still celebrated, including gawai dayak. Their traditional religion is highly animistic, but is nowadays only practised by a small minority of elderly people. The Bidayuh are rightly famous for their superb rattan basketry work and the beautiful costumes they use for ceremonial occasions. Most Bidayuh have left their longhouses and nowadays live in kampungs (villages) in modern wood or brick houses, but some examples of Bidayuh longhouses still remain and can be visited on a day trip from Kuching. The popular Bidayuh Longhouses visited on a half day trip are Benuk and Gayu Longhouse.


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