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Crocodile   Farm

Situated 30 Km south of Kuching is one of Malaysia's biggest crocodile farm. About 2,000 of these "men eaters" are well kept behind protective enclosures ranging from babies to a 60 year old. On display are process of preserved baby crocodiles at birth to the legendary white back King Killer "Bujang Senang". Draw your attention to these strange reptiles having no tongue, perhaps the reason attributing them to act upon advocated rather than speak. They attack at full moon, between high and low tides and some locals claim they only attack the indigenous people. One thousand and one tales about these only descendants of the Dinosaurs await you.

Among the varied species on display are the Rhinoceros Hornbill, Argus Pheasant, Long Tailed Macaque, Reticulated Python, Samba Deer, Bearded Wild Boar, Peacock, Borneo Sun Bear and Monitor Lizard all placed within a compound surrounded by the tropical greens.


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