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Our tours are graded from Easy to Mediocre to Strenuous. It is highly recommended that you check our tour itinerary as thoroughly and as carefully as possible before making the booking. When booking our adventure tours, seek advice from your doctor about your health and fitness and request for the necessary medications to use during the tours. Sarawak is relatively free from major diseases but anti malaria pills and iodine salt for excess sweating are useful if you are intending to cover our remote areas. What to wear and what to bring along will help you a lot to enjoy our tours better.


* Sun hat protects you from the sun and enables you to see better especially during midday. Don't wear a cap without a top. It is not good for the bald headed.


* Long sleeved cotton T-shirts and long pants used for jogging protect you from the sun and insects. Bring along an appropriate amount that's relevant to the tour duration.


* Raincoat protects you from the unpredictable rain. We recommend the handy and economical pancho. Wind breaker or light sweater are useful if you are heading for the higher altitude or early morning boat trip.


* Shoes are important item. They should be comfortable and grip well on slippery and muddy ground. Don't wear your brand new Italian shoes or high heels. We recommend you wear your good old walking shoes that you are most comfortable in.


* Socks are real comfort to your feet. We recommend that they be cotton and relatively cheap so that you can a few pairs to change with.


* A small bag is necessary to carry all your necessities. A rucksack is essential for trekking tours. To be better organized, a small bag or pouch is needed to put all your odds and ends.


* Plastic bags help to prevent your belongings from getting wet from the rain. We suggest that you put your belongings in the plastic bags before you put them in your bag.


* A water container will go a long way to ensure that you drink hygienic water to recuperate from the heat. Make sure that the top is as tight as possible.


* Insect repellent, sunburn lotion and personal first aid kit are good anticipative items. Make sure that you buy the type with medication you are not allergic to.


* A powerful torch is not only handy but also helps to enhance you sightseeing especially when you touring the longhouses and the 4 show caves of Mulu. The shadows on the cave’s wall reflected by the operated torch are actually your sightseeing. Adequate batteries are equally important.


* Towel should be large enough to decently cover you before and after bath and/or changing.


* Camera is your tool for collecting all those sweet memories of your tour. Bring along enough of the correct batteries, films and accessories to avoid disappointment.


Above all, travel light. Flight weight allowance is only 20 kg (domestic) and 10 kg (remote).




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